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After ringing the opening bell at the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in New York, Daniel Levy was in a punchy mood during a Q

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Money, Money, Money…#THFC

Charles Richards / @spurs_report I have written extensively about the new Spurs stadium and finance issues on this blog for the past two years. I get a steady stream of questions from Spurs fans keen to know more about the stadium, and the club’s financial health. In particular, the jump in construction costs to £800m […]

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3rd, 2nd…1st?

By Charles Richards / @spurs_report The Premier League is a show that never ends, and with the 2016/17 campaign done and dusted, attention moves immediately to 2017/18. While players enjoy a well-earned summer holiday (after the dreaded post-season tour), planning for the next campaign will intensify: the transfer market waits for no-one. For Spurs, after […]

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The trouble with Spurs…

Ten minutes after the final whistle on Sunday — with Spurs sealing 2nd place for the first time in the Premier League era and completing an unbeaten home campaign, four dozen footballing legends ready to lead a grand farewell to one of the English football’s most famous old stages, and thousands of fans invading the […]

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Premier League Predictions 2015-2016

Is it that time of year again already? But before embarking on my latest predictions I wanted to see how I did last time out.

My prediction How they finished
1.       Chelsea 1.       Chelsea
2.       Man City 2.       Man City
3.       Arsenal 3.       Arsenal
4.       Liverpool (-2) 4.       Man Utd
5.       Man Utd (+1) 5.       Spurs
6.       Spurs (+1) 6.       Liverpool
7.       Everton (-5) 7.       Southampton
8.       Newcastle (-7) 8.       Swansea
9.       Stoke 9.       Stoke
10.   Southampton (+3) 10.   Palace
11.   Swansea (+3) 11.   Everton
12.   Palace (+2) 12.   West Ham
13.   Hull (-5) 13.   WBA
14.   West Ham (+2) 14.   Leicester
15.   QPR (-5) 15.   Newcastle
16.   Villa (-1) 16.   Sunderland
17.   Sunderland (+1) 17.   Villa
18.   WBA (+5) 18.   Hull
19.   Leicester (+5) 19.   Burnley
20.   Burnley (-1) 20.   QPR

So only 4 correct out of 20 which doesn’t seem great. I will take partial credit for Burnley as they did still get relegated. The top 3 seemed pretty predictable to me and getting Stoke’s placing right was pleasing. I’m also very happy to see that my beloved Tottenham Hotspur exceeded my expectations (it’s a rare occurrence). Even if in reality it didn’t make much real difference it’s still nice to finish above Liverpool and I’m sure Pochettino was glad to finish two clear of his former club Southampton. I suppose all these predictions illustrate is beyond the top 6 clubs how tight and therefore unpredictable the rest of the division is and I’m sure this campaign will be no different.

Anywho let’s move on to 2015-2016…

  1. Chelsea
  2. Man City
  3. Man Utd
  4. Arsenal
  5. Liverpool
  6. Spurs
  7. Southampton
  8. Everton
  9. Stoke
  10. Palace
  11. Swansea
  12. West Ham
  13. Newcastle
  14. WBA
  15. Sunderland
  16. Villa
  17. Leicester
  18. Bournemouth
  19. Watford
  20. Norwich