My Euro’s – Part 2 by Dunstan Bentley

Which games did you go to?

France vs Romania in the opening game.

Fan Park for the Saturday Games (Albania 0 Switzerland 1, Wales 2 Slovakia 1 England 1 Russia 1)

Where did you stay?
Hotel in Montmartre – near the Moulin Rouge so quite lively. No trouble to be seen anywhere
Best players you saw on the day?
Dimitri Payet by a mile in the opening gamer – . His finish for the winner was nothing short of top class.
Kante was industrious and Pogba played some lovely balls through the midfield.
Romania were not there to make up the numbers- impressive at times and targeted Patrick Evra and often got behind him. Their crossing however was appalling but they were a tough team to break down.

Matchday/fanzone/stadium experience?
Heavy security presence but easy enough to get in. It was well run
We were in Corp Hosp which was outstanding – decent food and beer. Well organised and we all got a football to take home with us!
Fanzone was excellent and again well patrolled – Huge screen with Eiffel Tower in background. Lots of different groups mingling together – The Swedes Irish and Croats were having a rare old time together. English were decent by and large. A couple of dickheads fronted up having had two much beer but that was it. Great natured and a great place to watch Football
Overall thoughts and memories on your trip/tournament as a whole?

The tournament will be mainly known for the exploits of the minnows. Wales and Iceland won the hearts of fans everywhere. Albania getting their first win.
By and large the tournament was disappointing and this was typified by Portugal winning the whole tournament having only won one game in 90 minutes

Dunstan Bentley


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